Enhancing Video Distribution through the New Edge of the Internet

By: Laurie Samper, Technical Writer, iMiller Public Relations

A recent TechZone360 article, “Network Shifts to Support Video Distribution”, examines trends within network connectivity and how the Internet is accessed through the lens of industry-leading data center company, EdgeConneX®.  In this blog series, we will further explore the details involved in network evolution, surveying topics such as global network connectivity, non-linear viewership, and mobile data traffic.  In order to begin our journey and gain a deeper understanding of current trends in the Internet community, it’s important to first understand the role of Edge Data Centers® within this evolving landscape.

For years, traditional carriers have focused their resources on major markets and big cities across the nation, disregarding the need as well as opportunities that arise from bringing content closer to users within underserved, or tier 2 markets.  One of the single-most pressing drivers of upgrading networks and establishing tier 2 connections is video distribution.  EdgeConneX can attest to video’s exponential market growth.  When the company established its first Edge Data Center in June 2013, eight peering points were all that existed for video across the country.  Today, EdgeConneX has opened 22 additional facilities throughout the U.S., increasing the number of peering points to 31 in just two short years.

So what is the “edge” exactly?  The edge is an extension of network reach into local, underserved markets, bringing the content and the eyeballs together in the same location.  By establishing new peering points within local markets, content is brought closer to end-users, enabling the cost-effective, high-quality and efficient delivery of cable network DVRs, 4K Ultra HD streaming, gaming, video integration into social networks and more, alongside enterprise video needs.  By creating a new Edge of the Internet, EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Centers allow customers to multiply the amount of offloaded traffic in a matter of months.

Keeping up with growing network demands is what EdgeConneX does best as it continues to extend its reach into more locations, including plans to expand internationally.  Content is king and EdgeConneX is enabling customers to take advantage of evolving technology and trends such as video distribution through enhanced delivery of digital content to any device, anywhere, anytime.

To learn more, visit www.edgeconnex.com and stay tuned for the next blogs in our series.