Enhancing Video Distribution through the New Edge of the Internet

By: Laurie Samper, Technical Writer, iMiller Public Relations

A recent TechZone360 article, “Network Shifts to Support Video Distribution”, examines trends within network connectivity and how the Internet is accessed through the lens of industry-leading data center company, EdgeConneX®.  In this blog series, we will further explore the details involved in network evolution, surveying topics such as global network connectivity, non-linear viewership, and mobile data traffic.  In order to begin our journey and gain a deeper understanding of current trends in the Internet community, it’s important to first understand the role of Edge Data Centers® within this evolving landscape.

For years, traditional carriers have focused their resources on major markets and big cities across the nation, disregarding the need as well as opportunities that arise from bringing content closer to users within underserved, or tier 2 markets.  One of the single-most pressing drivers of upgrading networks and establishing tier 2 connections is video distribution.  EdgeConneX can attest to video’s exponential market growth.  When the company established its first Edge Data Center in June 2013, eight peering points were all that existed for video across the country.  Today, EdgeConneX has opened 22 additional facilities throughout the U.S., increasing the number of peering points to 31 in just two short years.

So what is the “edge” exactly?  The edge is an extension of network reach into local, underserved markets, bringing the content and the eyeballs together in the same location.  By establishing new peering points within local markets, content is brought closer to end-users, enabling the cost-effective, high-quality and efficient delivery of cable network DVRs, 4K Ultra HD streaming, gaming, video integration into social networks and more, alongside enterprise video needs.  By creating a new Edge of the Internet, EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Centers allow customers to multiply the amount of offloaded traffic in a matter of months.

Keeping up with growing network demands is what EdgeConneX does best as it continues to extend its reach into more locations, including plans to expand internationally.  Content is king and EdgeConneX is enabling customers to take advantage of evolving technology and trends such as video distribution through enhanced delivery of digital content to any device, anywhere, anytime.

To learn more, visit www.edgeconnex.com and stay tuned for the next blogs in our series.

Please Welcome TERiX Computer Service to Data Center Discovery!

TERiX provides enterprise-grade onsite hardware and UNIX OS support for new and legacy systems across over 30 brands of server, storage, and networking. Combine multiple warranties and support numbers/sites into one simple, secure contract, reduce risks, complexities, and costs. TERiX is your one-call hardware services provider.

TERiX offers many specialties within Data Center Services sector including:

  • IT Hardware Maintenance – Server
  • IT Hardware Maintenance – Storage
  • IT Hardware Maintenance – Network
  • IT Hardware Maintenance – Mainframe
  • IT Hardware Maintenance – Workstation

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Omnis Network Opens Tempe Data Center

Omnis Network, a colocation and hosting provider with data centers in California and Toronto recently announced the acquisition of a new data center in Tempe, AZ.

The data center acquisition allows Omnis access to the vibrant and technology heavy marketplace surrounding Tempe and Arizona State University. According to Shannon Selby with the City of Tempe,

“Tempe is a hotbed for technology. About 20% of our jobs are tech related and about 20% of the companies here are tech companies. From aerospace to nanotechnology, from solar energy research to software development and manufacturing, more than 500 Tempe companies are focused on the future.”

The data center acquisition has also allowed Omnis Network to roll out a suite of new services.  These include:

  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Colocation Hosting
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Carrier Neutral Colocation
  • Colocation (1/4, 1/2 and full racks)
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Remote Hands

The new data center, the new service portfolio and Omnis Network’s strong track record for providing quality hosting services position Omnis well to take on larger clients and projects.

According to Patrick Chon, marketing manager of Omnis Network,

“The opening of this latest data center provides Omnis with the opportunity to openly offer these additional hosting services that were previously only provided to select customer because of space limitations.  Being situated in Tempe, AZ is an optimal location as it provides a geographical stable site, along with unparalleled network connectivity that the city has developed through its own growth.  This data center provides uninterrupted power and high density cooling for customizable colocation space that can meet any requirement for our globally networked clients.”

We are excited to see Omnis moving upmarket and expect to see great things from them going forward.

For more information about Omnis Network please check out their profile on Data Center Discovery

Global Capacity Launches One Marketplace PoP in Ashburn, VA

Global Capacity continues its One Marketplace expansion, deploying four new Points of Presence (PoPs) in the last three months.  While widespread requirements for competitive pricing and low latency connectivity served as key drivers for deployments in San Jose, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Seattle, WA, the platform’s latest PoP in Equinix’s DC6 Ashburn, VA data center (located at 21721 Filigree Ct.) fulfills growing demand for competitive metro access.  According to a recent study by Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs, data traffic on metro access will increase 560% by 2017.  With a new hub in Ashburn, One Marketplace offers area businesses a broad range of service attributes to meet these growing network transport needs.

Ashburn offers superior connectivity to key business areas including Washington, D.C. and Metro New York.  By interconnecting to the Ashburn One Marketplace PoP, businesses and service providers benefit from Global Capacity’s connectivity to over three million commercial Ethernet addresses and near-ubiquitous TDM reach.  Customers also gain direct access to Cloud ecosystems such as Amazon Web Services and more than 650 co-located companies including 200 unique network carriers, 100 content and digital media companies and 140 Cloud and IT providers, as well as the largest peering exchange on the East Coast.

One Marketplace provides network buyers and sellers with market-competitive network solutions, enabling both groups to expand the breadth and reach of their service capabilities while meeting growing supply and demand.  The platform enables customers to take advantage of near-ubiquitous network access by combining an interconnected, physical network aggregation platform with a Cloud application that provides simple, transparent and automated procurement and delivery of cost-effective network connectivity.

Please visit Global Capacity’s profile on Data Center Discovery.

Learn more about interconnecting to Global Capacity’s One Marketplace by visiting www.globalcapacity.com/products-services/interconnection or email solutions@globalcapacity.com.