Introducing the Hybrid Data Center of the Millennia

dlrThe key to survival in a competitive business environment for the millennia is to employ cloud strategies that work.  For many of today’s companies, that means swapping out their monolithic cloud strategies for a hybrid cloud environment, which offers end users unsurpassed options that include the economical savings, scalability and responsiveness of public clouds coupled with the security, high performance and reliable infrastructure of a private cloud solution.  Utilizing hybrid models, business environments can distribute their workloads more effectively as well as bridge their legacy systems and state-of-the-art architecture in order to recognize considerable CAPEX and OPEX savings.

As Hybrid cloud continues to address the ever-changing the environment of enterprise IT architecture, it will also have a profound influence on the data center as we know it.

The hybrid data center, offers businesses a valuable location for their hybrid IT solutions by delivering connectivity to the most important cloud service providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Exchanges (IXs), network service providers, company-owned data centers and office locations, and more. Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data center and colocation solutions, offers customers these key data center facilities complete with a unique global portfolio of cloud-connected solutions that enable them to build, deploy and execute a successful hybrid cloud strategy.

Digital Realty’s GlobalConnect suite is designed to accelerate business growth while simplifying and streamlining hybrid cloud deployment by offering richer direct-connect options, a global data center footprint and enhanced support for hybrid data center environments.  The company’s connectivity solutions, Digital MetroConnect, Digital CloudConnect, Digital IPConnect and Digital PrivateLine, are available in over 130 data centers, delivering secure access to over 50 cloud service providers and 1,000 network service providers.  In addition, Digital Realty customers benefit from direct fiber connections to major cloud providers such as Amazon Web ServicesTM, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer, as well as dedicated cross-connects to VMware’s vCloudAir public cloud options for infrastructure, disaster recovery and applications.

Digital Realty will be launching its new suite of global connectivity solutions for hybrid cloud and data center environments at International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2015, taking place May 10-13 in Chicago, IL at the Hyatt Regency and Swissôtel Chicago.  ITW is the annual meeting point for the global wholesale telecommunications community, expected to converge over 6,000 delegates from 1,870+ companies representing more than 140 countries at its 2015 conference.

Discover how Digital Realty’s global connectivity solutions deliver the Right Workload, to the Right Place at the Right ValueTM by scheduling a meeting with a Digital Realty representative at ITW 2015 or stopping by the Digital Realty meeting area at the Hyatt Regency BIG Bar during the conference.

Digital Realty is also hosting The Cloud Ecosystem LIVE! Executive roundtable during ITW on Tuesday, May 12 from 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM in Alpine 2 in the Swissôtel Chicago.  Moderated by Digital Realty’s General Manager of Colocation & Connectivity John Sarkis, this exclusive executive roundtable will bring together thought leaders from across the cloud ecosystem to provide key insights into the delivery and adoption of cloud computing across various hybrid environments.  Participants will also explore how cloud adoption is changing the face of the business cycle, including driving business decisions and new revenue opportunities.  To join Digital Realty for cocktails, appetizers and great discussion at The Cloud Ecosystem LIVE! roundtable, RSVP here.

The Cloud Ecosystem is LIVE! at ITW’15

dlrForecast highlights for Cisco workload predictions indicate that by 2018, cloud data centers will be processing more than 78 percent of workloads.  The latest Cloud Computing research gathered by IDG indicates that 69 percent of organizations are utilizing the cloud to run their infrastructure or applications.  Gartner included Cloud computing as being named the first of its 2015 top 10 strategic technology trends.

Cloud has caused the industry to shift – creating a wave of change that has a direct impact on corporate IT departments across every supporting industry player globally.  As IT leaders continue to adopt the Cloud across their organizations, however, they must first ask themselves these key questions: What kind of impact does cloud have on the business cycle? and What are certain major cloud projects the industry is focusing on this year?

Experts from the cloud ecosystem, including Digital Realty, VMware, Level 3 Communications, EdgeConneX, euNetworks and Telstra, will provide expert answers to these questions and more and offer in-depth insights into the distribution and implementation of cloud computing within several hybrid environments as they come together at The Cloud Ecosystem LIVE! roundtable during International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2015 in Chicago, IL.  The discussion will be led by John Sarkis, GM, Colocation and Connectivity, Digital Realty and will take place Tuesday, May 12 in the Swissôtel, Alpine 2 at 4:00PM.  Attendees will also enjoy cocktails and light appetizers before, during and after the panel discussion.

Digital Realty is a premier provider of premium data centers and a Prime Sponsor of ITW 2015, with over 130 globally connected data centers across four continents and secure access to over 50 cloud service providers as well as 1,000 network service providers.  Designed to connect with customer cloud deployments and owned data centers, Digital Realty’s global connectivity solutions deliver the Right Workload, to the Right Place and at the Right ValueTM.  Digital Realty’s data centers in major markets are connected via Digital MetroConnectTM to enable the optimal mix of latency, location and value.  The company also features several OPEN-IX®-certified US locations and non-profit peering exchanges across the US and Europe.

International Telecoms Week (ITW) is the annual meeting point for the global wholesale telecommunications community, including Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers, mobile / wireless operators, ISPs, VoIP providers and technology partners from the voice, data, satellite, sub-sea and fixed-line markets.  Over 6,000 delegates are expected to attend this year’s conference, taking place May 10-13, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency and Swissôtel in Chicago, IL.

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AMS-IX – Spreading Its Mission for Simplified Internet Exchange

By: Mark Cooper, CCO AMS-IX


The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Association was founded 17 years ago to solve the growing problem of an overall lack of control over Internet traffic for many ISPs in addition to the continually increasing dependency on foreign exchanges for ample connectivity.  This innovative Internet Exchange in Amsterdam has provided ISPs and other types of Internet-related companies the ability to obtain an affordable and transparent network structure.  Since its inception in 1997, AMS-IX has expanded its reach through the formation of new subsidiaries such as AMS-IX USA, Inc. – which has given way to AMS-IX New York and AMS-IX Bay Area – further developing its global mission of providing simplified network connectivity throughout the US  through affordable, neutral and distributed Internet Exchange solutions.  Today, the 12 AMS-IX Points od Presence (PoPs) in Amsterdam serve nearly 700 connected parties throughout the region and boast a peak Internet traffic rate of almost 3 Tb/s, making it the world’s largest Internet connectivity hub.

AMS-IX’s subsidiary, AMS-IX USA, Inc., established a critical partnership with Digital Realty, DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc., Sabey Data Centers and 325 Hudson in November 2013 to develop a distributed Internet Exchange known as AMS-IX New York.  Recently, AMS-IX also established a PoP in Digital Realty’s 365 Main Street facility in San Francisco.  Offering an affordable and highly distributed Internet Exchange platform, AMS-IX Bay Area provides exceptional value to the interconnectivity market in the San Francisco / San Jose region.  AMS-IX enables companies to meet their goals through the generation of a regional hub distributed over multiple colocation facilities, as well as through offering increasingly reliable, effective and simplified exchange of Internet traffic.

AMS-IX’s partnership with Digital Realty will also offer business customers unique access to a more secure, faster and cost-effective Internet peering service structure within Digital Realty’s stable, reliable interconnection facility in downtown  San Francisco.  By peering directly with AMS-IX Bay Area, Digital Realty data center clients can experience benefits including improved connectivity and extended reach as well as reduced latency and transit costs.  AMS-IX’s globally proven model is expected to stimulate economic growth and job cultivation throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, attracting new businesses into the region.

AMS-IX  remains dedicated to the Open-IX Association’s mission of developing of criteria and methods of measurement for data transfer and physical connectivity, reducing the complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets in order to ultimately improve IX performance throughout the world.  Similar to its counterpart in New York, AMS-IX’s newest Bay Area Internet Exchange PoP will be OIX-1 (IXP Technical Standards) compliant, ensuring high quality technical and operational standards for Internet Exchanges.  With its strong commitment to the OIX mission, AMS-IX recognizes the potential value in developing uniform and low-cost standards of global connectivity performance.

Its steadfast dedication to these standards, coupled with its strategic partnership with Digital Realty, has positioned AMS-IX USA as a critical influencer in the US Internet Exchange market.  Encouraging the development of a European model of neutral and distributed Internet Exchanges to reduce IP interconnection and associated costs, AMS-IX will leave users with a cost-effective and transparent network connectivity structure, generating interconnectivity that is faster, simpler and more effective than ever before.

For further information about AMS-IX and its mission for neutral and distributed Internet Exchanges, visit and

The Global Exchange Ecosystem

The digital age is driving new demand for high-quality, worldwide connectivity.  To satisfy these requirements and compete in an ever-growing and highly competitive market, today’s businesses need cost-effective access to available, resilient and secure networks and ecosystems in order to efficiently transport information, communicate and compete on a global level.

Internet exchange, Cloud exchange, financial exchange and carrier relations professionals will converge at this week’s International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2014 in Chicago to discuss this rising new demand and more during ‘The Global Exchange Ecosystem Roundtable’.  Taking place Tuesday, on May 13 at 4 PM in the Columbus AB room on the Gold Level of the Hyatt Regency Chicago’s East tower, the roundtable will explore the rising demand for more independent and cost-effective exchange options in order to eliminate inconsistencies in connectivity, resiliency and security.  The event is sponsored by Digital Realty, the global data center and colocation company and prime sponsor of ITW 2014.

The executive roundtable will be led by moderator John Sarkis, Vice President of Connectivity at Digital Realty, and will feature a panel of experts and industry thought-leaders including: Martin Hannigan, Co-Founder and Treasurer, Open-IX Association; Mark Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer, AMS-IX; Craig Weick, Executive Director, Co-Location Product Management, CME Co-Location Data Center Services, CME Group; and Jonathan M. Steinberg, Vice President – Business Development & Global Strategic Alliances, Level 3 Communications.  The participants will draw upon their experience in implementing a unique set of technical and operating standards within data centers, and how these have enabled a neutral, member-governed global exchange ecosystem.  They will also discuss the benefits of neutral and distributed Internet exchanges, focusing on optimized connectivity, resiliency and security.

A neutral and accessible Internet exchange environment is critical to improving network resiliency and efficiency.  It also yields reduced interconnected complexity and lowers costs, while supplying end-users with improved physical connectivity for data transfer.

Learn more about the global exchange ecosystem by registering for the roundtable at ITW 2014.

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