Rising Demand for Data Center Construction Yields Three Strategic Appointments to the Electronic Environments Corporation Team

By: Laurie Samper, Technical Writer, iMiller Public Relations

According to analysts at TechNavio, the global data center construction market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.99 percent over the period 2013-2018. With growing customer demand for new data center construction, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) appointed three new members to its dynamic team: Mike Walsh, Technical Services Manager; Robert Hoffman, Project Executive; and Scott Willard, Northeast Region Senior Project Manager/Construction Manager.  The news of EEC’s expansion comes shortly after the recent onboarding of Mission Critical Construction Services Division President Kevin O’Brien in July.

Mr. Hoffman joins EEC as Project Executive, Mission Critical Construction Services, where he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of service quality as well as the development of the project management team along with its strategy, systems, controls and performance.  Prior to EEC, Mr. Hoffman served as Senior Project Manager at CBRE, where he oversaw several large technology infrastructure projects.  He also worked at Skanska USA as a Senior Project Manager for its Buildings Mission Critical team and Structure Tone, where he was one of the first employees of its mission-critical group handling national data center roll-outs for companies such as Teleglobe.

Mr. Walsh has played a key role at EEC, creating the company’s Technical Services Division as well as setting the standards for critical infrastructure construction.  As Technical Services Manager, he is responsible for executing all facets of pre-construction initiatives.  Prior to EEC, Mr. Walsh developed formulas to build a $200M data center for AT&T and has served as Technical Services Manager for numerous companies including the New England Center for Excellence for Gilbane Builders and Structure Tone Mission Critical.

As EEC’s Northeast Region Senior Project Manager/Construction Manager, Mission Critical Facilities Services, Mr. Willard is responsible for managing project schedules, developing project scopes and pricing, creating and maintaining EEC construction standards, and overseeing quality control functions during construction projects.  Prior to joining EEC, he served as a Senior Project Executive, Construction Division at Tocco Building Systems.

With over 25 years of industry experience, EEC is committed to supporting its customers through all phases of the mission critical lifecycle leveraging its unique, holistic approach, Mission Critical Lifecycle Services (MCLS).  This includes all aspects of planning, design management, construction, operations and maintenance and assessments.  The company’s new appointments bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the EEC team, enabling it to further build on its customer commitment and propelling the company to the forefront of the data center and telecommunications facility design, build and maintenance services industry.

For more information about Electronic Environments Corporation and its Mission Critical Lifecycle Services, please visit www.eecnet.com and http://www.eecnet.com/Home/Mission-Critical-Construction-Services/.

AMS-IX – Spreading Its Mission for Simplified Internet Exchange

By: Mark Cooper, CCO AMS-IX


The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Association was founded 17 years ago to solve the growing problem of an overall lack of control over Internet traffic for many ISPs in addition to the continually increasing dependency on foreign exchanges for ample connectivity.  This innovative Internet Exchange in Amsterdam has provided ISPs and other types of Internet-related companies the ability to obtain an affordable and transparent network structure.  Since its inception in 1997, AMS-IX has expanded its reach through the formation of new subsidiaries such as AMS-IX USA, Inc. – which has given way to AMS-IX New York and AMS-IX Bay Area – further developing its global mission of providing simplified network connectivity throughout the US  through affordable, neutral and distributed Internet Exchange solutions.  Today, the 12 AMS-IX Points od Presence (PoPs) in Amsterdam serve nearly 700 connected parties throughout the region and boast a peak Internet traffic rate of almost 3 Tb/s, making it the world’s largest Internet connectivity hub.

AMS-IX’s subsidiary, AMS-IX USA, Inc., established a critical partnership with Digital Realty, DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc., Sabey Data Centers and 325 Hudson in November 2013 to develop a distributed Internet Exchange known as AMS-IX New York.  Recently, AMS-IX also established a PoP in Digital Realty’s 365 Main Street facility in San Francisco.  Offering an affordable and highly distributed Internet Exchange platform, AMS-IX Bay Area provides exceptional value to the interconnectivity market in the San Francisco / San Jose region.  AMS-IX enables companies to meet their goals through the generation of a regional hub distributed over multiple colocation facilities, as well as through offering increasingly reliable, effective and simplified exchange of Internet traffic.

AMS-IX’s partnership with Digital Realty will also offer business customers unique access to a more secure, faster and cost-effective Internet peering service structure within Digital Realty’s stable, reliable interconnection facility in downtown  San Francisco.  By peering directly with AMS-IX Bay Area, Digital Realty data center clients can experience benefits including improved connectivity and extended reach as well as reduced latency and transit costs.  AMS-IX’s globally proven model is expected to stimulate economic growth and job cultivation throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, attracting new businesses into the region.

AMS-IX  remains dedicated to the Open-IX Association’s mission of developing of criteria and methods of measurement for data transfer and physical connectivity, reducing the complexity that restricts interconnection in fragmented markets in order to ultimately improve IX performance throughout the world.  Similar to its counterpart in New York, AMS-IX’s newest Bay Area Internet Exchange PoP will be OIX-1 (IXP Technical Standards) compliant, ensuring high quality technical and operational standards for Internet Exchanges.  With its strong commitment to the OIX mission, AMS-IX recognizes the potential value in developing uniform and low-cost standards of global connectivity performance.

Its steadfast dedication to these standards, coupled with its strategic partnership with Digital Realty, has positioned AMS-IX USA as a critical influencer in the US Internet Exchange market.  Encouraging the development of a European model of neutral and distributed Internet Exchanges to reduce IP interconnection and associated costs, AMS-IX will leave users with a cost-effective and transparent network connectivity structure, generating interconnectivity that is faster, simpler and more effective than ever before.

For further information about AMS-IX and its mission for neutral and distributed Internet Exchanges, visit www.ams-ix.net and https://bay.ams-ix.net.

 Long-Term Benefits of Proactive Data Center Planning

By: Joanna Styczen, Technical Writing Director, iMiller Public Relations

Failing to consider long-term needs during the planning stages of a data center project can result in disastrous consequences in the future.  It is absolutely critical to provide due diligence during the early developmental stages of infrastructure design to avoid potential issues down the road.  Proper planning and management can create an optimum environment encompassing faster, simpler and more efficient processes throughout the data center lifecycle.  Through meticulous custom design, customers can also benefit from ease of installation, growth anticipation, serviceability and flexibility for years to come.

Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) leverages nearly three decades of experience in mission critical facility design and management to maximize the overall efficiency of clients’ facilities.

Hoping to educate the public using its extensive expertise, EEC has issued a position paper entitled “Key Considerations before Beginning a New Data Center Project”. This paper,written by EEC’s President of Mission Critical Construction Services Kevin O’Brien,offers customers insight into EEC’s unique, holistic view and forward-thinking process for data center design.  EEC helps develop all-inclusive, tested solutions to ensure optimum productivity throughout the entire lifecycle of mission critical facilities.  By proactively eliminating both common and complex issues alike, EEC assists companies in avoiding unnecessary expenses and ensuring continual uptime.

Without proper, experienced guidance and support, data center projects are often ill-conceived and leave companies struggling during inevitable future situations for the sake of lower costs during the early design process.  Real-life examples in “Key Considerations before Beginning a New Data Center Project” illustrate how spending a little extra time and money upfront enables a company to save time, money and manpower while maintaining a positive reputation in the long run.

To read EEC’s latest position paper, ‘Key Considerations before Beginning a New Data Center Project’, visit http://www.eecnet.com/key-considerations-before-beginning-a-new-data-center-project/.

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