ChinaCache and Server Farm Realty to Collaborate on Cloud Infrastructure Development

Server Farm Realty has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd., the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China.  The companies have formed a strategic partnership relating to ChinaCache’s Atecsys international cloud data center in Beijing’s tax-free Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone.  This strategic collaboration will offer a new set of comprehensive and flexible business solutions to the China Internet market.

CCID Consulting estimates that the cloud computing industry will increase to 1 trillion RMB by 2015, spurring demand for enterprise-class, cloud data center space that adheres to global standards.  Currently in China, cloud data centers are dominated by a limited number of domestic organizations on a leasing basis; but as the need for increased cloud data storage becomes more imperative, enterprises will require their own cloud data centers.  By combining Server Farm’s data center development and service prowess with ChinaCache’s expertise in CDN, the Atecsys cloud infrastructure project will play a key role in fulfilling this widespread need.

Under development since 2013, the Atecsys facility is a prime example of the evolving trends within the Chinese data center industry.  The data center will be purpose-built to fulfill growing cloud computing needs, enabling multinational enterprises to host their cloud services in China.  An innovative, green data center complete with customizable units that can be tailored to the unique needs of customers, Atecsys will serve as a benchmark for Chinese data center infrastructure.

Server Farm owns and operates a vast portfolio of data center properties in the U.S.  Highly regarded as one of the nation’s most innovative data center developers, the company is now successfully expanding its footprint into the Asia-Pacific region.

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Data Centers Now in Peak Demand in North Carolina

When the average person thinks of Charlotte, NC, they might think of pristine beaches, beautiful golf courses and luxurious housing developments.  But for us technophiles, Charlotte is making a new name for itself in the data center market.  As more and more business pours into the region, there is the natural need for data center management as cloud-based managed services are increasing rapidly.  According to Kelly Morgan, Research Manager at 451 Research, there are a variety of industries driving this need for data center space.

“The greater Charlotte area has become a major enterprise data center hub with continued market growth expected,” Morgan said.  “Key sectors driving demand include financial services, transportation, healthcare, energy and education.”

Morgan also went on to point out that Charlotte has become an “attractive hosting option” for social media sites and content providers due to its abundance of inexpensive power, fiber infrastructure and educated workers as well as its inland location, critical for protection from natural disasters.

Server Farm Realty (SFR) is one company helping businesses in the sprawling Charlotte metro market meet growing data demands.  The California-based company recently completed a new data center in Charlotte for Windstream Communications.

The 60,850 sq. ft., 10 MW facility is divided into multiple 10,000-square-foot data center suites leased by Windstream and equipped to house the company’s cloud computing, dedicated hardware, managed services and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solutions.  In addition to a 2N modular design, carrier-neutral Internet connectivity and true A-B power distribution, the data center also features 3,000kVA of utility capacity (easily expanded to over 12MVA); 1215kW of usable UPS capacity (expandable to over 3600kW); on-site Network Operations Centers (NOCs); and access to multi-tenant infrastructure as well as Cisco and Juniper network and security platforms.  The facility also boasts high-efficiency chillers with 450 tons of 2N day 1 cooling capacity (expandable to 1350 tons) as well as state-of-the-art fire suppression and security systems.

With eight facilities and more than 1.5 million sq. feet of state-of-the-art, scalable data center space across the country, SFR has built a name for itself as one of North America’s leading data center developers.

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Industry Leader BRUNS-PAK joins Data Center Discovery

BRUNS-PAK helps enterprises in industry, academia and the public sector create robust design/build solutions for mission-critical data centers — solutions that accommodate evolving trends like cloud computing, skyrocketing demand from new applications, and increasingly important sustainability and energy efficiency goals. We bring design innovation together with engineering excellence and IT know-how to create successful data center design, construction and commissioning solutions for clients of all sizes.

Bruns-pak offers a number of cloud and data center professional services including;

Clouds and Cloud Services

  • Cloud Based Data Storage

Data Center Service Providers

  • Commissioning
  • Data Center Assessments/Audits
  • Engineering (Consulting)
  • Engineering (Electrical)
  • Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Engineering (Network)

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OneBigDrive aims for 100GB of FREE cloud storage


OneBigDrive has joined the growing list of Cloud and Cloud Services companies that can be found in the Data Center Discovery global directory.

OneBigDrive provides cloud storage users with an easy-to-use one-stop solution for consolidating multiple free cloud storage accounts into one.

OneBigDrive provides a number of additional cloud based services including:

Clouds and Cloud Services

  • Cloud Based Data Storage
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

OneBigDrive just announced that that their application is now integrated with joins Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive which are already available using the OneBigDrive application.

The addition of brings the total storage consolidated under OneBigDrive to 32 gigabytes of free cloud storage. OneBigDrive intends to consolidate more than 50 gigabytes of free cloud storage in April and aims to fulfill its goal of providing up to 100 gigabytes of consolidated cloud storage for its customers.

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Please welcome DC Corp to Data Center Discovery!

DC Corp provides “World Class” IT Leadership and the first Custom Hybrid Data Facility in the world where the customer is in total control choosing the exact custom deployment to meet their IT needs. Our unique model results in the most flexible, scalable, customized and cost certain approach in the industry.

DC Corp is a state-of-the-art data center services company providing wholesale and retail data center colocation, disaster recovery services, secure hosting, and business continuity solutions.

Fully-customizable data center space with a conference center and office space resources to meet all operational needs of Federal and Commercial clients.

DC Corp provides a wide array of cloud and colocation services including:

Clouds and Cloud Services

  • Cloud Hosting

Colocation and Hosting Providers

  • Business Continuity
  • Carrier Neutral Colocation
  • Colocation (1/4, 1/2 and full racks)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Hands

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Please Welcome Liquis to Data Center Discovery

LIQUIS, a leading provider of complete infrastructure asset liquidation and turnkey facility shutdown services, has been helping companies across the nation properly dispose of their e-waste for the past decade. By providing exceptionally details and thorough asset recovery, electronics recycling, and disposal services, the professionals at LIQUIS offer customers looking to liquidate not only substantial time and cost savings, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets are in experienced and capable hands.

Liquis provides a number of key services in the datacenter marketplace including:

  • Data Center Decommissioning
  • IT Asset Recovery
  • ITAD (IT Asset Disposal)

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Key Considerations When Moving Your Business to a New Facility

Expanding or relocating your business to a new location is an exciting, yet daunting undertaking that presents its fair share of challenges.  The process can have a profound impact on your resources as well as your entire organization.  From the removal and redeployment of furniture and IT equipment, to the removal of complex HVAC systems, cabling, conduit, wiring and piping, to the rebuilding or repairing of walls, floors and ceilings, modern-day relocation projects require a tremendous degree of careful project planning, coordination and execution.  Add tight deadlines and extensive make-ready stipulations, and the challenges can be downright overwhelming.

But they don’t have to be.  Approaching your corporate move in the right way can mean the difference between a cost-effective, efficient facility relocation and an unorganized, expensive and time-intensive headache.  To help you complete a successful move, we have composed a list of key considerations that businesses need to keep in mind:

#1 Review your current lease.  Commercial property leases are typically more restrictive than residential leasing agreements.  Carefully review your current lease to ensure you are aware of specific move guidelines, deadlines and make-ready stipulations.  Unforeseen damage and discrepancies or straying from prearranged lease requirements can result in costly liabilities for your organization.  These liabilities are not only limited to financial penalties; it is easy for a company to get ‘blacklisted’ by property management firms if it does not comply with the terms outlined in its contract.

#2 Construct a solid plan – and stick to it.  In the realm of commercial relocation, having a well-thought-out plan is crucial to the successful execution of a move, and can prepare you for many unforeseen challenges.  The relocation requires careful project planning and cross-functional coordination between both internal and external stakeholders.  Ensure your plan includes logistical considerations, designates specific tasks to their owners, and outlines a realistic timeline.  This timeline depends heavily on the complexity, location and size of the move.

#3 Build the right project team.   Assembling an effective moving team takes extensive research and methodical thinking.  In addition to allocating specific departmental tasks to internal employees, Project Managers must conduct in-depth vendor assessments to hire effective external support.

Selecting a certified commercial moving specialist with the expertise and experience to overcome unexpected occurrences, tight deadlines, changing schedules or last-minute modifications is critical.  The vendor should also have experience moving the specific items that need to be relocated from your facility; it takes particular expertise to move complex assets such as IT equipment and HVAC systems. 

Last, but certainly not least, find a vendor that offers a single-source solution for all of your moving needs.  Corporate relocation projects can require the engagement of various specialties including contractors, electricians, crane operators, and more.  Selecting a specialist with established relationships that can source, communicate between, and manage these various specialties is key to saving your company precious time and money, allowing you to repurpose critical resources and providing you with much needed peace of mind.

#4 Take thorough pre- (and post-) move inventory.  During the relocation process, there are a lot of things happening, plenty of moving parts and many items to keep track of – especially for organizations with large asset bases.  Have you decided what assets you’re going to move, recycle, resell or throw away?  Cataloguing and tracking your assets during a move is essential to effective records management, as well as mitigating unnecessary purchases of new equipment and avoiding regulatory fines.  

#5 Ensure business continuity.  Downtime can cost the average small to medium-sized business $12,500 per hour.  In this difficult economic climate, that’s a tough bill to swallow.  When selecting a commercial moving vendor, it is important to hire an organization that is experienced and flexible enough to ensure your business remains operational during your move.  Expert professionals allow for minimum downtime, minimizing the impact on your bottom line.

LIQUIS is a leading, single-source provider of turnkey facility relocation and shutdown as well as complete infrastructure asset liquidation services.  Please click here to learn how LIQUIS can help your company ensure a speedy and efficient move when the time comes for corporate relocation.

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Please welcome Silicon Valley Engineering Solutions to Data Center Discovery!

SILICON VALLEY ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is your ITAD/Asset Recovery solution. Our business model provides comprehensive recovery and disposal programs that allow for better returns and sophisticated chain of custody tracking.

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