Good advice for Tech Businesses

Steven Scott, the CEO of SentrumColo, raised some terrific points regarding cloud, data centers and disaster recovery during a recent round table discussion.

  • Get to know the cloud and what it can do for your business. It’s almost certain that cloud services will always be augmented with bespoke solutions but our reliance on common applications, repeatable processes and standard data management solutions will be driven by cost, resilience and legislation…the cloud
  • In relation to your bespoke services, push your providers to innovate and deliver      services that give you the edge
  • Have a disaster recovery plan of some description (74% of small businesses have no DR plan!). One day the lights will go out and your business’s ability to survive will be 100% based on your prior planning for the event
  • Unless you are very big or very relaxed about massive capital and operational      expenditure think twice before building your own tier 3 datacentre!

Mr. Scott is spot on with this advice.   For more great advice from SentrumColo please check out their blog.