FieldView Solutions has joined Data Center Discovery!

Another industry leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software has joined the Data Center Discovery global directory of data center solution providers. We are proud to announce the arrival of FieldView Solutions!

FieldView Solutions provides managers of today’s complex, mission-critical data centers and Co-Lo facilities with browser-based, scalable software tools that deliver a real-time view into all aspects of data center infrastructure management (DCIM). The company’s flagship product, FieldView, has helped data center IT and facilities operations professionals in many of the largest data centers including six of the top 10 banks, three of the five top technology providers, and 12 of the largest Co-Lo facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia/Pacific since 2006 –monitoring over two gigawatts for the largest financial institutions, co-location facilities, government facilities, and telecommunications giants.

The FieldView Solutions team is comprised of industry professionals with demonstrated experience in both the design and operation of data centers and the development of technology platforms that service them. FieldView Solutions meets the needs of a broad range of users, up to the largest-scale global corporate clients.

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No Limits Software announces v3.0 of RaMP DCIM solution

No Limits Software announces the upcoming release of version 3.0 of their RaMP DCIM solution, with a new user interface, new tablet and mobile versions, new reporting features, support for patch panels, improved drag and drop support for setting up rack power and network connections, a new cost model for tracking all costs for an asset, and enhanced support for managing warranties, service contracts, and leases. “Version 3.0 was a major endeavor by our dedicated team and I could not be more pleased with the results,” said Dave Cole, the president of No Limits Software. He adds that “I think our customers are going to love the new functionality and dramatic new look and feel.”

The RaMP DCIM solution provides data center management from the virtual machine to the IT infrastructure (servers, blades, storage, network) to the Facilities infrastructure (power, cooling, environmental monitoring). RaMP’s auto-discovery allows you to be up and running in hours rather than months and the intuitive user interface reduces training time. RaMP also provides software and operating system license management, state of the art workflow management to manage tasks, and complete integration with intelligent rack solutions from multiple manufacturers.

RaMP 3.0 also introduces new pricing models, allowing customers to choose between traditional software license with annual maintenance, software as a service (SaaS) model with the software running on premise, or SaaS model running in the cloud. This new flexibility will allow customers to choose the model which best suits their needs.

RaMP 3.0 will be on display at the No Limits Software booth (Booth 117) at the upcoming AFCOM Data Center World conference in Las Vegas on April 28 – May 2 and will be available for general release in May.

Version 3.0 of RaMP DCIM includes the following new features:

• A new streamlined user interface throughout the application to make RaMP even easier to use
• Completely rewritten mobile interfaces, with new smart phone and tablet versions to put detailed data center information in your hands
• New reporting tools allow users to create and save their own customized reports in PDF, Word, or Excel formats
• New drag and drop support for patch panels
• Improved rack drag and drop support to allow users to make power and network connections for an entire rack in minutes
• New asset cost model to allow you to track asset costs, including purchase price, lease, service contracts, maintenance, software and operating system, and power and cooling costs. RaMP allows you to roll up these costs by physical location or logical groupings.
• Enhanced support for managing warranties, service contracts, and leases.
• Added the ability for users to create their own Modbus and SNMP devices

The RaMP DCIM solution provides the following benefits:

• Auto-discovery of detailed device information
• Power and environmental monitoring down to the device level
• Server monitoring to identify servers which should be retired, virtualized or consolidated
• Software and operating system license management
• Lease and service contract maintenance
• Asset cost tracking
• Automated change control to reduce MTTR and increase availability
• Web services API for integration with other systems
• PUE, DCiE and CADE energy management calculations
• Accurate capacity planning data to reduce stranded power and shutdown risks
• Device type roll-up views for an easy way to quickly compare device performance
• Visual workflow and task management

For more information about No Limits Software please visit their profile in the Data Center Discovery directory here