OTT: The Next Phase of Mobile Messaging

OTT messaging is taking the market by storm, providing a new and innovative approach to two-way direct communication between internal members of an organization as well as with customers.  SMS is still a major player in the mobile messaging sphere, but as SMS begins a slow decline since its 2012 peak, all eyes are on OTT messaging and its rapid growth in the marketplace.

In 2013, OTT messaging generated 70.5 billion messages each day, as compared to 20.9 billion SMS messages.  While OTT continues to rise; it poses no threat to the success of SMS messaging, but rather offers an opportunity to provide supplemental benefits, creating an innovative and modern approach to business communications.  OTT is expected to continue its proliferation, compounded further by the rapid evolution and adoption of mobile technology.

According to Portio Research, an independent research firm focusing on the mobile and wireless markets, there are currently 6.65 billion active mobile subscriptions in the world today.  An impressive number, this volume is already predicted to exceed the world population of 7.22 billion by the end of 2014. As modern technology and capabilities of smartphones and tablets continue to evolve, mobile broadband subscriptions are also steadily rising, growing around 9 percent year-over-year as reported by Ericsson in February 2013.  As mobile revolutionizes communication, it continues to provide a simple and effective channel for virtually instant connectivity.

Low cost of operation on convenient platforms has also caused mobile messaging popularity to skyrocket since the 1990’s. Overpowering e-mail’s 12% open-rate at 98%, text messaging has proven itself a more powerful vehicle for delivering time-sensitive material securely and instantly.

Bulletin, a provider of cloud-based messaging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), delivers a messaging platform that enables clients to stay in constant contact with their customers as well as internal staff members.  An industry leader in the rapidly growing field of mobile messaging, Bulletin provides simple, easy-to-use technology that is both unique and effective, offering both back- and front-end messaging capabilities to major wireless carriers and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Harnessing the power and potential of OTT messaging, Bulletin will be making a groundbreaking announcement in the very near future.  Follow-up on Twitter and LinkedIn, and stay tuned to learn more about how Bulletin’s cutting-edge technology and methods can help further develop and enhance your communications.

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