The Next Generation of Paralleled Generators

Designing a data center takes a bit of ingenuity and finesse to create a simple, streamlined facility operating at peak efficiency.  Having the proper technology can do just that, providing owners and operators with a solution to reliable and affordable functionality.  One of the latest developments that is helping many designers create an optimal mission-critical environment is known as modular integration, a new approach to generator systems that bypasses the complexity of traditional paralleled generators.

As we continually strive for innovation and efficiency, many common data center practices have become things of the past, making way for more streamlined, cost-effective approaches.  In the past, traditional paralleling was designers’ only option when creating a data center, forcing them to accept complex systems, high costs and large physical footprints as the norm.  Today, these issues are virtually nonexistent as we move into the next phase of data center power innovation – digitally paralleled generators.

Integrated and traditional paralleling systems are very distinct from one another, and through a deeper understanding of their unique qualities, it becomes easier to discover why integration could be the best choice for your facility.  Four major requirements are considered when analyzing the functions of paralleled generators, including synchronization, load sharing, protection and point of synchronization.


A necessary element in all paralleling systems, synchronization within traditional generators relies on third-party components to consistently regulate all controls.  Within onboard integrated systems; however, these controls are incorporated digitally inside the generator itself, eliminating the need for third-party involvement and added  cost.

Load Sharing

It is also important to note that the function of load sharing should be equalized between generators to ensure no single unit becomes the “motor”, pulling load from the other.  Traditionally, this is controlled via cabling; however in the new integrated system, load sharing is regulated digitally to allow for more flexibility in facility design.


As critical and expensive equipment, generators must be protected from all potential issues and threats. When it comes to reverse power, voltage and over current protection, traditional setups relied on a third-party for protection.  By contrast, in an onboard, integrated parallel system, each of these components live within the generator set, creating more space, control and flexibility throughout the data center.

Point of Synchronization

When generators achieve synchronization, it is necessary to employ a connection to the emergency bus, or point of synchronization.  Traditionally, this has been done utilizing motorized breakers within the gear; however, integrated paralleled generators do so using switches or motorized breakers located directly onboard the generator set.

This innovative technology, when used properly, can deliver staggering results by reducing overall complexity, shortening installation lead times, conserving precious floor space, lowering costs and making it easier than ever to be ready for future expansion.  This reliable and cost-effective solution is more achievable than you think and can make a world of difference.

If you would like to learn more about modular generator and integrated paralleling systems, view this comprehensive article by Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC)’s Director, Chris Avery, found here.

How Mission Critical Lifecycle Services (MCLS) Optimize Performance, Reliability and Value in the Data Center


By Ken Rapoport, Founder and CEO, Electronic Environments Corporation

Today’s data center operators realize the value in viewing their mission-critical facilities and data centers as a single, integrated system to improve overall performance and reliability.  When all systems, technologies and personnel work together throughout a data center’s lifecycle, companies can experience optimum results and achieve maximum output.. This new paradigm disrupts the traditional lifecycle perspective, namely focusing on each isolated, specialized data center component.

Adopting this principle has enabled mission critical facility management leader Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) to transform traditional infrastructure solution deliveries using a unique, holistic approach, Mission Critical Lifecycle Services (MCLS).  MCLS offers a homogeneous approach to data center infrastructure that enables simplified management and overcomes the evolving challenges of data center operators.  Creating a paradigm shift from traditional infrastructure lifecycle management, EEC views data centers as one unified structure, addressing all five interrelated areas of the mission-critical facilities lifecycle.

  1. Planning

EEC provides data center operators with the right information and guidance based on years of proven industry experience. For nearly three decades, EEC’s experts have encountered a wide array of infrastructure design flaws, bringing these experiences forward to the planning phase in order to produce a highly efficient infrastructure plan.

2. Design Management

From site feasibility studies to selection analyses or design engineering, EEC’s value exceeds that of typical data center design firms in that it broadens its focus to include the design of facilities’ full lifecycle.  EEC takes into account the construction, maintenance and serviceability for each unique project – and has done so since inception.

3. Construction

Over the years, EEC team members have been entrusted with constructing over 20 million square feet of data center space.  As a result, the EEC team has proven experience in construction management, design build, cost estimation, project management, scheduling, equipment procurement, building evaluation, pre-construction, commissioning management, sustainability / Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and quality assurance and control (QA/QC).

4. Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

For the last 28 years, EEC’s maintenance offerings have ensured the optimal performance and maximum uptime of customer sites.  EEC offers monitoring, infrastructure training, legal and regulatory compliance, on-site facility management, mobile 7x24x365 service,; performance and acceptance testing procedures and benchmarking, predictive analysis and maintenance, and rigorous Statements of Work (SOWs) and Methods of Procedure (MOPs).

EEC customers have benefited from cost savings, reduced service calls, improved availability, vendor consolidation / convenience, and more from the integration of its services. Through offering these superior services, EEC has seen a 98% renewal rate, with clients continually reaping the benefits of the company’s constantly tested methodologies.

5. Assessments

Today’s operators need to have a detailed and transparent view into their data center infrastructure and operations.  This helps them identify areas for improvement as well as enhance their ability to meet evolving customer requirements.  EEC provides assessments for reliability, energy efficiency, VFD retrofits, airflow management, CFD analysis, data center refresh, operational processes and quality to help customers meet new business and IT objectives.

EEC’s MCLS approach addresses all aspects of the mission-critical facilities lifecycle and offers operators peace of mind for their total data center environment from a single point of contact (POC).   Having a single POC also leads to simplified data center management and increased productivity.  EEC’s comprehensive response and rapid deployment capabilities also lead to high reliability and system availability.

Many EEC customers realize substantial cost reductions with EEC; customers selecting more than one service or solution benefit from lower rates through economies of scale.  For enterprises or companies with multiple sites, leveraging a single provider like EEC across all facilities enables more manageable standardization and scale.  Each EEC customer also receives custom predictive and preventative maintenance programs tailored to their specific needs.

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Please welcome Loftin Equipment to Data Center Discovery!

Loftin Equipment Co. has been in the business of selling and servicing generators, engines, pumps and related outdoor power and commercial equipment since 1976. Our customers include construction companies, machine shops, small businesses, lawn and turf equipment dealers, rental yards and many other businesses.

Loftin Equipment offers a number of products and services to the data center industry including:

  • Contractors (Electrical)
  • Engineering (Electrical)
  • Fuel Polishing and Treatment
  • Generator Installation
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Rental Equipment

Our corporate office is located in Phoenix, AZ, and we have seven branches offering service, sales, rentals and parts in Las Vegas, NV, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, San Bernardino, CA, and Lakeside, CA . We also have network of dealers that allows us to provide service and support throughout the states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

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Please welcome Electronic Environments Corporation to Data Center Discovery!

Founded in 1986, Electronic Environments Corporation ( provides critical facility services to information technology and telecommunication throughout all phases of data center lifecycle. EEC offers a single source for fully integrated data center design, mission- critical construction, and 24×7 support services. Its proven practices help IT and facilities managers eliminate downtime and reduce energy consumption within data centers and telecom sites. EEC is headquartered in Marlborough, MA and has offices located throughout the United States.

EEC offers a wide range of data center products and services including:

  • Data Center Equipment Providers

o   Generators (1 points)

o   Mechanical Infrastructure (1 points)

o   Power Distribution (1 points)

o   Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) (1 points)

  • Data Center Service Providers

o   Design Build (1 points)

o   Engineering (Consulting) (1 points)

o   Installation Services (1 points)

o   UPS Maintenance (1 points)

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Electronic Environments Corporation Expands Mission Critical Construction Services Division and Welcomes Kevin O’Brien to its Executive Team

New innovations and rising demand for data center colocation facilities are driving the rapid growth of today’s data center construction market.  To address these emerging demands and technologies, businesses are looking to optimize and transform their data center operations.   Recent research from TechNavio predicts a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) rise of 21.99 percent in the global data center construction market from 2013 to 2018, while Markets and Markets forecasts the global data center networking market will grow from $12.49 billion in 2013 to $21.85 billion by 2018, a CAGR of 11.8 percent within the five-year period.

Leading mission critical facility management company Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) recently announced the expansion of its Mission Critical Construction Services Division.  The division enables EEC customers to overcome data center and wireless infrastructure challenges and reach their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) objectives leveraging unique, comprehensive and integrated facility services, spanning:

  • Data center construction
  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Maintenance programs
  • Data center efficiency solutions

In addition to the expansion of its Mission Critical Construction Services Division, the organization also appointed a new Division President, Kevin O’Brien.  An industry veteran with over 30 years of engineering and construction experience, Mr. O’Brien brings to EEC in-depth expertise in preconstruction, estimating, procurement, construction and commissioning.   Over the last 15 years, the new Division President has solely focused on mission critical construction, serving a wide array of industries.  Throughout his professional tenure as Director of Mission Critical at Structure Tone and Gilbane, Inc, O’Brien was entrusted with over 13 million square feet of critical construction projects.  He also worked at Bear Stearns, a global investment bank and securities trading and brokerage firm.

EEC has been providing mission critical facility management and turnkey Mission Critical Lifecycle Services (MCLS) to data center and telecom sites across the U.S. for over 28 years.  For more information about Electronic Environments Corporation and its expanded Mission Critical Construction Services Division, visit

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Concert for a Cause: Lam Cloud to Host Salomé Chamber Orchestra Concert to Benefit Post 21 Club

Lam Cloud is proud to host a benefit concert for Post 21 Club of Bergen County, a New Jersey 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to create program and support choices for adults with Autism who have aged out of NJ’s special education system.  Post 21 Club also collaborates with and connects parents, service providers and funding resources to create opportunities for employment, socialization and daily living for adults with Autism.

The concert will feature the Salomé Chamber Orchestra, a conductorless string orchestra comprised of the top graduates from the Curtis Institute, Julliard, Princeton University, and Yale University. It will be held Thursday, June 19 at 7:30 PM (VIP ticket holders are encouraged to arrive at 6:30 PM) at the Conference Center located inside Lam Cloud’s Technology Campus.  Tickets for the benefit concert are available in three tiers:

  • VIP ($100 / ticket): Guest receive front row seating in the Lam Cloud VIP Lounge seating area and access to an open bar and hors d’oeuvres from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM.
  • General Admission (GA) ($50 / ticket): Guests will enjoy a formal concert experience in an intimate setting with dessert and coffee to follow.
  • Standing Room ($25 / ticket): Standing room guests will be able to enjoy cake and coffee after the performance and leave their mark of support on the Lam Cloud ‘Wall of Hope’.

Lawrence Lam, Founder and President of Lam Cloud, also serves as the President and Co-Founder of Post 21 Club.  Through this benefit concert, Mr. Lam and the entire Lam Cloud team aim to raise donations that enable Post 21 Club to continue its mission and raise awareness of the issue to improve adult Autism supports, services and community interaction in the state of New Jersey.

Join Mr. Lam and the Lam Cloud team in supporting Post 21 Club and enjoy an evening of electrifying music for a great cause!  All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Post 21 Club.

Click here to purchase your tickets today.

To learn more about the Post 21 Club and to make a donation, click here.

To learn more about Lam Cloud, visit

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Please welcome ProSource to Data Center Discovery!

ProSource ( provides nationwide professional data center cleaning and maintenance services for critical facilities. Our products and services help prevent downtime and increase reliability of IT equipment by reducing and removing contamination that can cause business disruption and financial loss. We are a certified data center cleaning provider by ADCCP ( and provide industry recommended services with best-in-class equipment, industry approved methods, and company trained employees that understand how to safely and effectively clean your mission critical data center. Our preventive maintenance plans are cost effective and recommended to help avoid significant financial loss with a minimal investment. ProSource is the right choice for your mission critical data centers.

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The Global Exchange Ecosystem

The digital age is driving new demand for high-quality, worldwide connectivity.  To satisfy these requirements and compete in an ever-growing and highly competitive market, today’s businesses need cost-effective access to available, resilient and secure networks and ecosystems in order to efficiently transport information, communicate and compete on a global level.

Internet exchange, Cloud exchange, financial exchange and carrier relations professionals will converge at this week’s International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2014 in Chicago to discuss this rising new demand and more during ‘The Global Exchange Ecosystem Roundtable’.  Taking place Tuesday, on May 13 at 4 PM in the Columbus AB room on the Gold Level of the Hyatt Regency Chicago’s East tower, the roundtable will explore the rising demand for more independent and cost-effective exchange options in order to eliminate inconsistencies in connectivity, resiliency and security.  The event is sponsored by Digital Realty, the global data center and colocation company and prime sponsor of ITW 2014.

The executive roundtable will be led by moderator John Sarkis, Vice President of Connectivity at Digital Realty, and will feature a panel of experts and industry thought-leaders including: Martin Hannigan, Co-Founder and Treasurer, Open-IX Association; Mark Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer, AMS-IX; Craig Weick, Executive Director, Co-Location Product Management, CME Co-Location Data Center Services, CME Group; and Jonathan M. Steinberg, Vice President – Business Development & Global Strategic Alliances, Level 3 Communications.  The participants will draw upon their experience in implementing a unique set of technical and operating standards within data centers, and how these have enabled a neutral, member-governed global exchange ecosystem.  They will also discuss the benefits of neutral and distributed Internet exchanges, focusing on optimized connectivity, resiliency and security.

A neutral and accessible Internet exchange environment is critical to improving network resiliency and efficiency.  It also yields reduced interconnected complexity and lowers costs, while supplying end-users with improved physical connectivity for data transfer.

Learn more about the global exchange ecosystem by registering for the roundtable at ITW 2014.

Can’t attend?  Request a meeting with Digital Realty at the Hyatt Regency Chicago BIG Bar during the show to obtain more information and see how you can benefit.

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Please welcome Deerns Consulting Engineers to Data Center Discovery!

Deerns is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm founded in 1928 to provide expert design services in the fields of Energy Supply, Sustainability, MEP systems and Master Planning.

Deerns excels in combining sustainable and innovative concepts with reliable and practical implementation to help our clients build comfortable, safe and sustainable working and living environments.

Deerns has an extremely impressive portfolio of completed data center projects that includes:

  • Over 50 different clients
  • More than 350,000 m2 white space
  • More than 1,000 MW of IT power

You can view some of their innovative and highly efficient data center designs here.

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Mod Mission Critical’s Colo by the ‘U’ Offers a New Choice in Flexible Colocation

Are you part of a small or mid-sized business looking for a more cost-effective and flexible way to buy colocation space?  Traditional data center colocation providers require half-cabinet minimum commitments, but what if your company requires less?   The providers that do offer single rack unit configurations typically don’t provide them in major metro and emerging markets, where space is usually limited and therefore, expensive.

MOD Misson Critical’sColo by the ‘U’ has changed the way customers buy colocation space by giving them the option to buy it by the single rack unit within secure data centers in many major and emerging markets.  Colo by the ‘U’ differs from traditional colocation offerings from data center and hosting providers, allowing customers the opportunity to customize their Colocation space requirements and scale to suit specific business needs, not the requirements of data center colo providers.

The new flexible and cost-effective Colocation solution has recently become available in data centers across Ashburn, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Phoenix, San Jose, Toronto and Sydney, with future deployments scheduled in Amsterdam, Chicago, Denver, London, Miami, São Paulo and Seattle.

MOD offers a competitive breakdown of Colocation options to help customers make the right decisions with little effort.  The company compares customer needs with facility attributes and capabilities – including quality, security, redundancy, space, power, density, connectivity, uptime, efficiency and capacity – to provide a reliable and right-sized Colocation solution for companies seeking to extend their reach.  Once a solution is selected, MOD can also facilitate comprehensive Colocation support, from initial equipment racking, installation, testing and turn-up, to ongoing management.

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